The West Michigan Glass Art Center's Hot Shop, Flame Shop, Fusing Studio, Stained Glass Studio, Sandblasting and Cold Working Studio are available for rent. Pre-registration is required at least one day in advance. Studio rental is open to all persons with experience and knowledge of safe glass handling practices as verified by WMGAC staff. Please call 269-552-9802 to reserve time.

Hours & Rates

Pre-registration is required at least one day in advance.  Studio rental is for artists with experience and knowledge of safe glass handling practices as verified by West Michigan Glass Art Center staff.  Evening and weekend hours are available upon request.

Hot Shop and FlameStudio Rental Cancellation Policy: Any renter who is unable to keep his/her reservation, and gives the office less than 24 hours notice, he/she is responsible for finding another person to take their spot or the renter pays for their reserved rental time (in full), prior to renting again.


$35 per hour (Members and Students)
$45 per hour (Non-Members)


Includes: Use of one glory hole with a two hour minimum, 10 lbs. clear glass and use of tools. Renters may share rent of a glory hole and are encouraged to work in teams.  Artists must supply their own color glass. One annealing cycle is included. Longer Annealing cycle: $20 for 12 hours.


$7 per hour (Members & Students)
$15 per hour (Non-Members)


Includes: Minor Burner, natural gas, and use of tools. Artists must supply their own glass rod, tubing, colored glass, and mandrels.


Evenheat Kiln: $25 (Members & Students), $35 (Non-Members)
Denver Kiln: $40 (Members & Students), $55 (Non-Members)


For up to 3 Hours:
$20 (Members & students)
$25 (Non-Members)
Prerequisite: Previous or concurrent registration in stained glass. Knowledge of safety considerations involved with glass work.
Open studio is perfect for experienced students looking for the opportunity to take on project of their own design, or for those who need a little extra time to complete their class projects.  Includes use of the tools and soldering iron.




$5 per 15 Minutes (Members & students)
$6 per 15 Minutes (Non-Members)
Includes: Use of all tools and equipment including sandblaster, grinders and polishers.
Monthly rate: $60 per month for unlimited number of hours for members prequalified to use the equipment independently.