Support Our Mission to Teach, Create and Promote Glass Art

With your help, each year we are able to accomplish our mission to teach, create and promote glass art by:
  • Providing scholarships to youth ages 10-18 to attend Summer Glass Camp.
  • Open our doors to the community for Free so that people of all ages can experience glass art exhibitions and demonstrations.
  • Provide our member artists the opportunity to sell their artwork in our new Glass Art Gallery.
  • Educate people about glass art through workshops, classes, visiting artists and tours.
  • Grow a new community of glass artists in West Michigan and beyond

Please consider making a donation to West Michigan Glass Art Center this year as we celebrate our 8-year anniversary. 

Quotes From Participants:

"This was the 2nd year with WMGAC and the students were so excited to get started. They loved the activity and were very engaged."
-Kalamazoo Public School Teacher

"I learned how to cut glass - how to have fun doing something I never thought I could." "You can have fun and create art." "The instructors were extremely encouraging." "Love having a product I'll be able to enjoy for years." "Lots of fun! Fun! Fun! Fun!"

-Comments from those attending an office holiday party

"This whole experience has been a complete joy and I can't wait for future courses/workshops at WMGAC."

-Glassblowing I participant

"I was so scared but then I got the hang of it and I felt safer the longer I did it. You did a great job teaching us."

-A Girl Scout learning bead making at the torch

"I was born to do this"

-10 year old Summer Glass Camp participant